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Super Z from CandCNC
A Z axis can be purchased from CandCNC with the electronics package. The ohmic
sense is incorporated into the Z axis and all wiring has been brought to an avation
plug on the top of the unit. The cost with a machine torch mount is $475 and $625
with a magnetic breakaway machine torch mount. Tables larger that 4x4 will require
an extra charge for longer cable lead. Purchase from candcnc with controls package.
Precision Plasma LLC has discontinued selling our ballscrew Z axis as well as the
Velox Z axis. Now that CandCNC offers a ballscrew Z axis with their gantry kits, it is
fully integrated into the electronics. In addition, it is comparable to our ballscrew Z
axis that we sold for $1000 and is higher quality than the Velox Z axis costing more.
This style Z axis is found on very high end machines. Proximity sensors
are used to detect a torch collision and one is used on the side of the z
axis for homing and limits. $695 with proximity sensors and cables.

(motor not included)
Profile (rigid) rail ballscrew Z axis with collision detection torch mount